HOW TO HEAL: Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy


Healing Time with BFST

The safest, most effective way to recover from most injuries is to use the body's natural healing process. However, simply letting your body heal on its own can take months, and leaves you vulnerable to re-injury. You can accelerate this process however by improving your blood flow, which will drasticly reduce the treatment time and risk of re-injury.

Many people perform physical activity to try and increase their circulation. However, this can be very dangerous as it opens you up to chronic re-injury. In order to recover, you need to be both at rest and increasing blood flow.

The best way to improve circulation while keeping you safe from re-injury is to use a Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy™(BFST®) device. These devices are worn like wraps about the injured body part, and use EMR technology to increase circulation even at rest. BFST® wraps are able to reduce overall recovery time, enabling you to heal from your injury faster and more effeciently.

Healing Time with BFST

Benefits of using BFST®

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Healing Time with BFST

You are injured when the tissue in your body is damaged. Your body has the ability to heal itself, and if given time will fix the wound on its own. The body requires rest and cannot be stressed while it is in the process of recovery. However, most people do not have the time in their busy schedules to rest and let themselves heal for long periods of time.

The solution to this problem is to increase the flow of blood to the injured area. Blood carries essential nutrients and oxygen to tissue that gives it the energy to repair damage. By improving circulation, you can bring more mending power to the injured area, decreasing the total treatment time.

Normally to increase your blood flow you need to exercise or other physical activity regularly. For someone who has been recently injured, though, this is dangerous! Re-injury is a very real problem, and if you re-injure yourself you are sent back to where you started.

Using a BFST®, however, has no risk of re-injury compared to physical activity and exercises. BFST® can be used as a safe, effective means of improving circulation, with no effort required. You can stay completely at rest while using the wrap.

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Each BFST® is enclosed in a soft Neoprene wrap, designed for a comfortable treatment experience. During treatments, the BFST® has a feeling of warmth; a feeling many enjoy while at the same time treating their injury in the best way possible. The shape of the wrap is far from generic; each wrap is crafted with a specific body part in mind for the best fit possible. The flexible design of BFST® wraps allows you to move the treatment area and not be inhibited by the wrap, so the things you want to do don't have to be put on hold during treatment.


Knee BFST® Wrap

Knee BFST® Wrap


  • LCL Tears
  • MCL Tears
  • PCL Tears
  • Iliotibial Band Syndrome
  • Meniscus Injuries
  • Knee Bursitis
  • Gout

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Healing Time with BFST

While some people may feel a warm sensation using the wrap, BFST® is not a heating pad, but something much better. Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy™ medical devices emit penetrating stimulating energy into your injured tissue. The energy reaches deep under the skin to stimulate bloodflow at the source instead of just the surface like hot pads do. BFST® medical devices provide the superior healing power of Energy Web® technology, without getting hot like heating pads do.

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Baker Cysts

I have a baker cysts on back of knee, just had it drained my inside of my knee is stiff difficult walking. I was told I might have a torn meniscus but have not had MRI. Really do not want to go through surgery but want to gain back my mobility in my knee. Has any one had any luck with King Brand?

Re: Baker Cysts

Hello Annie,
So sorry to hear that you are experiencing so much pain,
We have had a lot of customers who have reported high success rates by using our King Brand BFST and ColdCure wraps and I do feel this would be an excellent recommendation based on your current condition.
It's important to use both BFST and ColdCure in regards to treatment for your Baker Cyst. The ColdCure helps with swelling/inflammation and pain and then the Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy (BFST) will help to deliver increased circulation to the injured area promoting healing while at rest.
If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact one of our King Brand Healthcare Adviser's at 1-844-400-2525
Best Regards.

Re: Baker Cysts

I've had a Bakers cyst behind my right knee for over six years. The golf-ball size cyst has remained constant during this period except when it occasionally swells slightly, usually following leg exercises like walking, jogging, biking and plyometric jumping exercises. I've never done anything to treat it short of laying off leg workouts when my knee becomes too stiff and inflexible. Its never very painful, but can become extremely uncomfortable.

Will BFST still heal this longstanding Bakers cyst ?

Re: Baker Cysts

Hi Drrandy51, Thanks for your enquiry.

As you've had the Bakers Cyst for so long, you may want to follow-up with your doctor to find out why the cyst has remained a constant golf-ball size. Often times medical professionals may recommend intervention for Bakers Cysts (such as drainage of fluid), plus usage of cold / ice to reduce inflammation and swelling behind the knee is usually also recommended.
- If you tend to notice an increase in swelling post-activity, you will likely benefit from using cold therapy when this occurs; to help reduce the new swelling and inflammation.
- Cold therapy may even help you right now, to target the underlying inflammation you may not necessarily be aware of behind the knee.

A Bakers Cyst is usually a symptom of an underlying condition in the knee itself (often a meniscus tear or injury). As far as the BFST is concerned, this can be used to harness faster recovery and healing by improving blood flow and circulation - it doesn't matter how new or mature the issue is. We advocate for using the BFST when underlying inflammation and swelling is under control. Using the BFST too soon (with these symptoms) won't cause any harm or further injury, however, the body would become quite hot during a treatment - signifying that the blood flow is being overstimulated and there's nowhere for the additional blood flow to be delivered to.
- The BFST isn't a heating pad, therefore, heat is not a desirable effect. The sensation experienced during a BFST treatment should be a very minor warming (and some people feel a bit of tingling); this is how your body is responding to improvement of blood flow in the targeted area.

We would be more than happy to further discuss your health concerns in relation to usage of Cold and BFST - Please call us toll free on 1844-400-2525 :)

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